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 Flying Solo (OPEN)

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Flying Solo (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Flying Solo (OPEN)   Flying Solo (OPEN) EmptyMon Jun 18, 2012 6:19 am

Flying Solo (OPEN) Tumblr_lk1n0eavh81qesop1o1_500

Brianna strode down to the Quidditch Pitch, thewind tugging at her hair. She had come here for practice. It wasn't a team practice though. No, Brianna was just doing this to improve her skill. You could never be too good. Brianna hefted her broom over her shoulder. Most people just carried a broom in their hand, but Brianna preferred her shoulder. It would be an absolute disaster if she dropped it after all. Brianna finally reached the Pitch. She smiled and turned her face towards the sun. Its light bathed her with warmth and the wind tugged at her at the same time. These were the type if days that Brianna loved the most. Plus, it was perfect flying weather. Brianna Aaire mounted her broom and sailed into the air. Today she was just going to focus on the flying. She wouldn't even touch a Quaffle today. As Brianna flew around she spotted someone on the ground. She lowered the broom to see who it was.

brianna aaire, hufflepuff quidditch captain - chaser, 16, 6th year, single
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emily astrid-sharpe, gryffindor head girl, 17, 7th year, single
savannah plan, ravenclaw, 14, 4th year, single
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Flying Solo (OPEN)
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