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 Open Topics!

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Ravenclaw Runner

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PostSubject: Open Topics!   Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:08 pm

Put any open topics you have that no one has ever responded to! That way, it's easier for people to find them!



Izzy Reble, 14 year old 4th year, Gryffindor house.  Single.
Ruthie Witz, 16 year old 5th year, Ravenclaw house. Single.
Elizabeth Riley Hancock, 12 year old 2nd year, Hufflepuff house.  Single.
Avery Taylor Pure, 15 year old 5th year, Slytherin House. Single.
Leona Eve Petersen, 14 year old 4th year, Gryffindor House. Single.
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Kacky Snorgle

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PostSubject: Re: Open Topics!   Thu May 02, 2013 10:50 am

PLEASE, someone reply to this, I think I put it up last to last month or something, but no one's replied yet. Preferably a male character because she's feeling horribly lonely. She's in sixth year.


Kacky Snorgle's Charries
Danika Brosche|Sweet and sour|Sixth Year|Gryffindor|Single
Haydyn Brosche|Kind and timid|Fourth Year|Gryffindor|Single
Justin Long|Smart and arrogant|Sixth Year|Ravenclaw|Single
Lynda Fraener|Businesslike and Brief|Seventh Year|Slytherin|Single
Kathryn Schraeder|Bookish and playful|Seventh Year|Durmstrang|Single
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Open Topics!
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