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 help is for the weak [private]

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help is for the weak [private] Empty
PostSubject: help is for the weak [private]   help is for the weak [private] EmptyTue Dec 03, 2013 12:40 am

i've been losing sleep
dreaming about the things
that we could be
lately i've been
i've been playing hard
not enough words : outfit
ooc: idk how you wanna reply but do so
Blaire Hufford had a dilemma, which was something almost unfamiliar to the Ravenclaw. She always got her work done, ahead of time, and perfectly without any possibility of error. That was just how she was, and everyone expected it from her. Blaire expected that of herself, which is why she was frustrated at the unfinished potions assignment in front of her.

It wasn't that she didn't understand it, she had completely spaced the whole assignment. She didn't have the class until that afternoon, but breakfast never seemed so off. Her normally wavy hair was in a curly ponytail, missing small strands here and there. Blaire wasn't herself, that was for sure. Her tie wasn't even properly set around her neck, which was something that always bothered her. If the Ravenclaw did anything right, it was tying her tie properly.

Her food sat in front of her going cold, untouched by the frustrated witch. She sat stabbing her fork into her scrambled eggs aimlessly, making dents in her plate as she did so. Her dark eyes were focused on her homework, it's blank spaces mocking her. Blaire ignored everyone else at the table, consumed in a mixture of her dissatisfaction and shock. Not only had she forgotten the assignment, but she also forgot what the lesson was on. How stupid of her. Running a hand through her half-ponytail, the girl let out a rather audible groan as she tapped her foot rapidly.
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help is for the weak [private]
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