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 The Realm of Unwanted Toys c: -Miranda Crisp, Check Please!-

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The Realm of Unwanted Toys c: -Miranda Crisp, Check Please!- Empty
PostSubject: The Realm of Unwanted Toys c: -Miranda Crisp, Check Please!-   The Realm of Unwanted Toys c: -Miranda Crisp, Check Please!- EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 11:52 am

Miranda Crisp

Gender: Female
Age/Birthday: 12, August 7th
House: Hufflepuff!
Year at Hogwarts: 2nd
Brief History: When Miranda was a little girl, she lived in a beautiful log cabin on the side of a lake, it was a beautiful site to see. When she was three, her Step-Brother- Mason, died from being locked outside the house when we went out to eat. A snowstorm was starting, and he didn't have enough warmth. He froze to death, and sadly died. When she turned 7, at her birthday party, she had a Snow-Themed cake, because snow was her favorite thing, they decided to put the 'Lord of the Winter' which, her father demanded it to be a girl, because he said her real mother enjoyed winter aswell. She always asked her father how her real parents met. He said that they met at an ice rink, it was an open skate, and they bumped into each other. It was love at first sight, they started to go out, and they hit it! They got married, they had Miranda, and than the mother just disappeared suddenly.. He never found out how. She lived through life normally, but always had this strong power with snow, she just loved it. She promised herself, that her first kiss would be on snow, or in the winter when its snowing. 5 months later, she was at Hogwarts, happy, healthy, and alive. She has been through her first year already, and starting her second.
Physical Appearance: Miranda always had that pretty spark, she always lit up a boys heart with a smile, her smiles are just so warming, its just impossible. She has caramel  hair, that shines brightly in the sunlight, which rests on her shoulders. Her eyes are a brown color, its almost like chocolate, rich, creamy, warm, her eyes are just so enchanting. She also has a tan, though she never liked the heat that much. She has some scars and bruises, her mother beat her when she got less than 80% on a test.
Personality: Miranda is a person who is ALWAYS outside in the winter, she is never cold, and- the snow, is her playground. She is also very friendly, even though many people can hurt another's feelings by lying to them, she still tries to be friends with everyone. She has a strong sense of flirty, she literally can almost turn a phrase into a flirt before even saying it. Finally, she is just downright loud, she can attract a monster just from talking in a bit of a longer tone.
Wand: Length, Wood, Core, Flexibility (Hope I did this right,) 10 Inch, Cherry, Unicorn Hair, Stiff.
Talents: She loves to draw, suprisingly she can draw her cat, which is very complicated, she can draw a person, a tree, and any place, with small people around it aswell. She has a talent for Reading, she likes to read, and has always read when she had the chance. and Finally, is a fast person, which is useful for getting through the hallways.
Pets: Buttercup, Cat.
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The Realm of Unwanted Toys c: -Miranda Crisp, Check Please!-
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