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 crazykids123 characters!

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PostSubject: crazykids123 characters!   crazykids123 characters! EmptyThu Jul 18, 2013 6:57 pm

Gender: female
Age/Birthday:12 years old. May 10th 2000
Year at Hogwarts: Second year
Brief history: Olivia lived a rough life. Her parents were always hitting and screaming a her. But once they found out she was a wizard all of the hitting and screaming stopped.
Physical Appearance: Olivia has dark brown hair and beautiful Hazel colored eyes. She is average size for her age.
Olivia wears pretty purple glasses.
Wand: 4 inches long all out of wood.
Talent: Olivia can make things happen when she's angry.

Name: Aidan
Gender: Male
Age/Birthday: 12 years old. May 10th 2000. His twin sis is Olivia.
House: Ravenclaw
Year at Hogwarts:Second year
Brief history: their parents were kinder to Aidan then they were to Olivia. They would never scream at or hit Aidan. Olivia and Aidan got into (still do) a lot of fights.
Physical Appearance: Aidan has red hair like his dad, unlike Olivia. Also unlike Olivia he has freckles. But one similarity are their beautiful hazel coloured eyes.
Wand: Aidan's wand is 5 inches long.
Talent: Aidan doesn't really have any talent. Olivia calls him useless.
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crazykids123 characters!
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