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PostSubject: Twins!TwInS!TWINS!   Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:25 am

Alice Cali Canterbury

Walking at the same time with my brother was a bad idea. We got stuck and we back out and I look at him "I'll go first" I say and walk, but he walked right next to me and we got stuck again "Really!" I tell him. I look over at Reid and he laughs "I'm sorry, but its just funny." he laughs when he says it. I look at him and we back out and I walk in. Finally! I roll my bag in and walk to my bunk. I put it on my bed "I'll unpack later." I tell myself. I walk out and walk back out to the Commonroom. I sit down on the chair and Look at Reid as he was looking around "They kind of changed the place you know." Reid says.

I nod and start to walk around "They really out done themselves didn't they?" I tell Reid "Well at least they made it nice." I nod and he looks at me. I glare at him as he gives me that smirk. I knew that face, he wanted to move things around "No." He sighs and sits down. I sit down too and we wait for someone to come. Maybe we can make new friends.

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