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 Day Dreaming [p r i v a t e t o b r e n n y]

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PostSubject: Day Dreaming [p r i v a t e t o b r e n n y]   Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:43 pm

Adelaine Genevive Parker

Addie makes her way into the divination class room, her bag handing off her shoulder. She makes her way through the classroom, swerving around the many desks. Reaching her seat in the back of the classroom, she plops down on the chair. She drops her bag on the desk. Sinking back into her seat the Hufflepuff lets out a deep sigh. Divinations sucks, she still regrets signing up for the class. At least, Dan's in the class. That's the only good thing about it.

Slowly she turns her head to the side. Staring out the window, the redhead gets lost in her thoughts. She's thinking of everything. Her future, her family, Dan. She's especially thinking of Dan. Are they dating now? She's not even sure. He's not good at communicating his feelings. Of course she's not much better than he is. Sighing she bites her lips. She hopes that he'll actually admit something once. It would be so amazing.

Addie is so lost in her thoughts that she doesn't hear the teacher say something to her. Blinking she looks at the teacher. "Huh, what was that?" she asks softly. Addie then straightens herself out, and faces the front of her class. Her right foot, gently tapping the ground. She can't wait until this class is over. It just sucks so much. The sooner it's over, the better. Especially because it's the last lesson of the day.

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PostSubject: Re: Day Dreaming [p r i v a t e t o b r e n n y]   Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:45 pm

Dan Byrne

Dan entered the classroom, climbing the ladder up into the attic, clouded with the smell of burning incense, too many at once, along with the smokey smell of a fire which burned at the far side of the classroom. He pulled himself up the last two rungs of the latter and stepped into the attic. He coughed a bit from the smothering fumes, but managed his way. He skirted past the poofy chairs that sat next to the professor's and took a stool quite a way in the back of the class.

Dan hated this class. He had no idea why he continually took it, probably because he had no other interests and could not think of any other class that would be more entertaining to him. Still, he definitely should have stopped taking this one. His head drooped to the table in front of him covered in a lacy pink cloth. A divination textbook sat in front of him, however he let it collect dust. He wouldn't touch that think with a five foot pole. His thoughts wandered around everything except the lesson, from what came first the chicken or the egg all the way to Adelaine. Recalling her to his thoughts, he lifted his head enough to watch her. She looked perfect, even though all she was doing was looking out the window.

He was woken from a distant daydream by the sound of a raspy voice beside his ear. He jumped a bit, startled. He cocked an eyebrow and turned to face the professor. Her bulging eyes watched him expectantly, and when Dan glanced at the other students, he realized he had been asked a question.

"Oh, what?" Dan quarried.

"What did you see, my dear?" the professor urged. Her breath smelled of too much tea. "What did you see? It was obvious, you were in the beyond!"

Dan had to refrain from snorting with derision. The beyond, what a load of hippogriff feces. His eyes almost rolled, but shot straight forward. "I-uh-" he scraped his brain for a smidgen of inspiration as to what he could pretend he had seen, but only death came to mind. Seeing as that is what he always put in his homework, he shot for it here. "I saw... death in a family.... uh- the singer Celestina Warbeck," he shrugged. That's all he had. As if the teacher wasn't quite satisfied she gave a half-hearted nod and returned to the front of the class room and began to teach again with the raspy voice of hers.

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Day Dreaming [p r i v a t e t o b r e n n y]
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