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 Love potion on Valentine's day

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PostSubject: Love potion on Valentine's day   Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:52 am

I walked into the empty Potions classroom. It was a nice evening and I now regretted wanting to stay inside in the morning but I had already asked Professor Snape for the note which I had received after some suspicious eyeing, I had also promised my friends so I sighed and took of my scarf and gloves. I walked over to the ingredients cupboard to get a few Ashwinder eggs, 2 dozens of rose thorns, the box of peppermint and a moonstone. I got my special tungsten cauldron which had been gifted to me on my getting Outstandings in all the subjects I had taken in my third year. I started off with grinding the moonstone slowly, I knew it was wrong to lie to Professor Snape about my use of the Potions room but I had promised my friends and it would be fun to make a potion that was never taught. Not liking the idea of being caught I hurried with it. Soon enough I was done and thankful for being so. I slipped the vial containing the potion in my pocket and cleared up the room of any clue that would have indicated about the makings of a love potion. I then started making the potion I had asked permission for - The Antidote to common poisons - I had told Professor Snape that I would make extra because the stock was running low, which it was and that was the only reason he had agreed. He was giving detention to a student therefore it left me alone to brew the love potion but I still had to make the Antidote as I had promised. I gathered the ingredients and started of with the antidote. After half an hour I was done with the potion and was clearing the scattered things, I left a thankyou note on the Professor's desk and left.

- Adrianne Oakland - Ravenclaw - 16 - 6th year
- Zaila Keren - Gryffindor - 15 - 5th year
- Xavier Jay Ross - Gryffindor - 16 - 6th year
- Kyler Harwood - Slytherin - 17 - 7th year
- Eva Harwood - Hufflepuff - 14 - 4th year
- Liam Unsworth - Durmstrang - 18 - 7th year
- Kim Unsworth - Durmstrang - 18 - 7th year
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Love potion on Valentine's day
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