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 Application: Aubrey Phillips

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Application: Aubrey Phillips Empty
PostSubject: Application: Aubrey Phillips   Application: Aubrey Phillips EmptyFri Feb 01, 2013 12:55 am

Name: Aubrey Phillips
Gender: Female
Age/Birthday: 14 years old, May 18
House: Hufflepuff
Year at Hogwarts: Four years
Brief History: Three sentences, be descriptive. She was born in America with both muggle parents and moved to England with her parents when she was four years old for her father's muggle job. They all decided to stay due to her mother suddenly falling ill. Her mother died when she was eleven, while she was at Hogwarts. When her father owled her about it, she refused to speak for an entire week. She was allowed to return back home for another two weeks. During her other years at Hogwarts, she mostly kept to herself.
Physical Appearance: Three sentences, be descriptive She's on the short side, and a bit 'big-boned.' She's tanned, and has a round face with hazel eyes and brown hair. She normally wears purple-rimmed glasses. Her appearance is usually a little on the messy side due to her laziness, and she likes to wear her tie on her head whenever she can get away with it.
Personality: Three sentences, be descriptive. She's normally very sweet, but she has a tendency to be very loud. She's also extremely lazy, so getting her to actually do something is a bit of an effort. Once you get her rolling, however, she's an unstoppable force; this happens with her anger, as well. She is like a Mother Hen to her friends; she constantly dotes on them and is very overprotective of them, especially since she will take anyone under her wing.
Wand: Length, Wood, Core, Flexibility 10 1/2 inches, Cherry, Unicorn Hair, Slightly yielding.
Talents: Three sentences, be descriptive. She's talented in art, she absolutely loves to draw, and is good at it; though there is always room for improvement. She's also good at Potions, surprisingly; she's not the absolute best, but she gets her Potion correct almost every time. She's also fairly good at Charms; and by fairly good, I mean she at least does the spells correctly.
Pets: She has a small white kitten just gotten this year. She named him Coconut.
Other: She has an American accent. She is also a homosexual.

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Application: Aubrey Phillips Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application: Aubrey Phillips   Application: Aubrey Phillips EmptyFri Feb 01, 2013 12:59 am

Would you mind elaborating on your brief history and physical appearance a little bit?


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Application: Aubrey Phillips
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