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 silence is golden [ private to first ]

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silence is golden [ private to first ]  Empty
PostSubject: silence is golden [ private to first ]    silence is golden [ private to first ]  EmptySat Jan 05, 2013 10:32 pm

silence is golden [ private to first ]  29ljkmp

* November Leeann Haynes

November took her usual table, sliding the seat over with the sole of her foot. The girl's chocolate colored eyes glanced across the library, in between the shelves of overstocked books, and let a smile pass across her lips. No one was here, lovely. She unpacked her studying supplies, dumping them lazily on the table. Opening her Arithmancy book, she reached for a quill and an ink well, beginning her assignment. She seemed to be doing home work constantly nowadays, keeping up with her older peers easily. November had gathered a large amount of pride from passing the third year, but never bragged about it. In order to brag, she would have to talk. That was the thing, the witch hardly ever spoke to anyone. She never minded, at least, not really, seeing that most people saw right through her anyways, like she was invisible.

Resting her head on her hand, propped up by her elbow on the table, she scanned the page of book, torn and yellowed by years of use. Letting her opposite hand nonchalantly run over her braided hair, she couldn't help but lose interest in the subject of homework. Every sound in the library seemed amplified, every shuffle of a footstep, or breath of a whisper. Coming to the conclusion that she was no longer alone, November turned the page of her book, comprehending the information as she scanned the page. She had Quidditch practice in two hours, but knew it wouldn't take long to get down to the field.

Quidditch had been the only place she had ever really felt included, even as a known bookworm. She loved the sport, and her fellow chasers. They were just acquaintances, but the closest people she ever came into contact with. Returning her gaze to her quill, she let out a soft sigh, writing down the problems and terms for the lesson.

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silence is golden [ private to first ]
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