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 Encounter by fate? (private)

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PostSubject: Encounter by fate? (private)   Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:29 pm

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Dan sputtered at the invigorating cold nipping at his hands as he took off his glove to sign a letter. The owlery building was stationed around him, enough to block off the wind, but the temperature was still low. Caught up in his own thoughts, Dan didn't even take notice to the consequences of taking off his glove. He slipped it back on and rolled the parchment up in a small tube. He looked above him at the looming rows of owls standing tall above him, trying to make out which space his own owl inhabited. This was a relatively funny thought, as his owl was curiously inconsistent on choosing a living space. He floated around between different ones every time he came to visit. Of course, I guess it wasn't really his to say, for he didn't actually own the owl, he only took particularly to it, because he only had a bat, and not a delivery owl. Nevertheless, he considered it his own. Spotting the owl in one of the further up slots, he whistled a unique tune, responding to which the owl perked up and fluttered down, to land on a perch that the school had set up. He greeted it with a smooth stroke to it's head, and tied the parchment to it's foot with a small string. Knowing what to do, the owl spread it's wings and took to the cold air, swooping out the door and over the hills. He was sending an update to his parents as he always did once a month. The silence, that had been overlooked by Dan, and now realized how precious it was, was broken by the echo of footsteps coming up the winding stone stairs leading to the owlery. He jumped, and did not know why, but knew why. For, in his subconscious, he always feared that an encounter might be the lovely girl he had met in hogsmeade, Adelaine. This was not probable, however Dan always jumped to such conclusion because he had left behind his scarf, which he ached for at the moment, and could feel himself getting sick from the cold. The footsteps grew nearer, and he retreated a step, quietly eying the doorway.

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PostSubject: Re: Encounter by fate? (private)   Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:45 pm

Adelaide Genevieve Parker, slowly walks up the steps to the owlery. She was bundled in her winter coat. On top of her heat was a yellow stocking cap, and a matching pair of gloves on her hand. Yet around her neck, a green and silver stripped scarf was wrapped around her neck. She hadn't meant to be wearing the boy's scarf around but she couldn't help it. She'd felt like she'd been tounched by fate when she met Dan. Now she was dying to see him again. She'd been looking for him, but she'd never seen him.

Adelaide walks into the owerly and looks around. That's when she sees him, Dan. She gasps, and slowly a smile grows across her face. She walks over to him, untying his scarf. She holds it out to him, "Long time no see, I have your scarf"she says softly. She then looks around for her family owl, Grayson. Seeing old Gray she whistles. When the owl pirches on her, she ties the letter to his leg. The great owl then flies out the window.

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Encounter by fate? (private)
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