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 Mornings [private to first post]

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Mornings [private to first post] Empty
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Mornings [private to first post] 2na68tj
*[Hanna Rose Murray]*

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
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Hanna walked down the pathway to the Durmstrang Academy of Magic. A crisp. cold wind blew and pecked at her pale - looking face, but the girl could care less. After being at the school for so many years, the weather was the least of her worries. Her bleach blonde hair was floating behind her in the wind, and she was thinking about her family. Her eldest brother, Markus, had gone off to study wand lore, and maybe make his own shop. Her sister, Britta, had graduated from schooling just last year, and was helping her parents at the time. Personally, Hanna was glad that Britta couldn't bother her much anymore. Then, Sven was still at school. She didn't see much of her younger brother, which was fine with her as well. Hanna saw herself as a more independent person.

Sighing, the witch kept walking up the path she guessed that she was almost to the school. She always liked to take a walk early in the morning, when no one else was up. Then she could stop and think for herself for a while. Hanna slid her hands in her pockets, an action Britta would criticize her about. Needless to say, the two sisters were very different. Humming softly to herself, she pushed open the door to Durmstrang, seeing someone else in the main hall.

A small smile on her face, Hanna waved at the person. She hoped it wasn't one of the female students, because she simply didn't get along with them as well as the males. Pushing the voice of her nagging sister to the back of her mind, Hanna decided a greeting would be best to go along with the waving. "Morning!" she called across the hallway.

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Mornings [private to first post]
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