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 UPDATED: Rules of the Forum

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UPDATED: Rules of the Forum Empty
PostSubject: UPDATED: Rules of the Forum   UPDATED: Rules of the Forum EmptySun Aug 05, 2012 4:22 am

As every site must have, we have some rules here at Hogwarts. We expect you to follow and abide by these rules. And if you should ever see someone else breaking a rule, we do expect you to report it, whether they're your best friend on the forum, you know each other in real life, or you don't know each other at all.


*Hogwarts is rated PG. So don't say anything that is above that. If you must do so, please take it to private messaging (PMs).

*No cursing. We do not tolerate cursing, however there are a few words that we do allowed. For now we allow: darn, damn, dammit, crap, and ass. Look for a more detailed and less strict list coming soon. If you have any questions regarding whether a rule is allowed or not, please contact an adminstrator (admin) or a moderator (mod).

*Be couteous. You should respect all members and staff. The staff are members too, you know. Likewise, if you see a staff member disrespecting a member, you should report them immediately.

*No cyber-bullying. No one should bully anyone else verbally on this site, or threaten to harm another in any way. If you see someone doing this, or a hint of cyber-bulling or something that could turn into cyber bullying, you should report it immediately.

*No double-accounting. This is when you make two or more accounts. We do not tolerate this at all and if we discover that you have double-accounted, we will delete one of the accounts. This will be random, so you don't know which account we will delete, however, you will receive a message on the account that wasn't deleted, warning you.

*Don't plagiarize. Plagiarism is against the law, and I'm sure no one wants to get mixed in with the law. Bottom line, if someone else created it, give them credit for it, even if you post it on another site. The member might just be on that site too.

*Don't spam, troll, or flame. Use the edit button if you need to post more than once. The only exception to this rule is in your character topics.


*Eight Characters. Each member is allowed to have eight characters. You may have less than that, but we don't want any more than that many. Besides, it's hard keeping track of that many characters, as it is.

*Be literate. Try and use correct spelling and grammar. Also, we expect each post to be at least three sentences, since that is the minimum length of an average paragraph, although we would prefer more. If this was a roleplay for advancers roleplayers, we would have the sentence limit higher, but we want to welcome newer roleplayers as well as brand new roleplayers to the site as well.

*Character Acceptance. No one should roleplay before their character is accepted. A character can be accepted by an administrator or a moderator, but no one else. If someone catches you roleplaying before your character has been accepted, there will be consequences.

*No power-playing or god-modding. This is when you control another member's character. It's just not allowed because it's much more fun, interesting, and unexpected if each member controls their own character, and ONLY their own character.

*Canon characters are to be played by certain people. If you are not one of those people, than don't roleplay as a canon character. If a canon has yet to be filled, contact a administrator or a moderator and ask them to roleplay as the canon, as we allow for the staff to do so.


As with any rule breaking, there must be consequences. We'll have different consequences depending on the situation, but hopefully, we'll try to stick to this new guideline of what will usually happen, if you break the rules. This is a recent edition to the forum, as is most of the rules.

*First Offense: Once you make a first offense, we will simply give you a warning, and ask you not to break the rule again. Remember, we expect you to respect our wishes. If you don't that's breaking the "Be Courteous" rule and that's another offense. If the rule was broken on the chat box, we will either kick you or ban you for anywhere from five minutes to an hour, depending on the circumstances.

*Second Offense: If you break the same rule again, we'll give you a warning in addition to a twenty-four hour ban. If the rule was broken on the chat box, however, you will only be banned from the chat box for twenty-four hours.

Third Offense: If the same rule is broken a third time, you will receive your third and final warning. You will be banned from the forum or chat box for a week. Don't try to make another account because we can look up IPs, simply for that reason.

Fourth Offense: So, you've broken the same rule four times? Well, I'm sorry but we are banning you from the site, if this happens. Don't just make a new account after this happens, unless you believe you were unjustly trialed, so to speak, of course you should have already taken it up with the staff by now. If you do join after you've been banned, we will delete both accounts and ban your IP.

Note: You can only receive a second offense if it is the same rule you have broken before. However, if you receive more than five "First Offense's" in one year, consequences that remain unknown will occur.


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UPDATED: Rules of the Forum
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