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 Mickey Mouse's Charries

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Mickey Mouse

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PostSubject: Mickey Mouse's Charries   Mickey Mouse's Charries EmptySat Jul 07, 2012 12:43 pm

Mickey Mouse's Charries Theprettyrecklesstaylormomsentheprettyreck
Name: Isabelle Porter

Gender: Female

Age: Sixteen

Birthday: June 28th 1996

Year at Hogwarts: Sixth Year

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Brief History: Isa grew up in London, England up until she was eight years old. When Isa turned eight her father died so she, her brother (Jacob), and her mother had to go to Liverpool, England and stay with her Great Uncle. Isabelle stuck out like a sore thumb everywhere they went. Later on, Jacob began to pick on his younger sibling for being so weird. Everything happened when the she turned eleven. Isa grew angry at her brother Jacob and caused him to levitate up to the ceiling. When she finally calmed down, Jacob crashed to the ground. Her mother was appalled, and her uncle wanted her gone, out of the house for acting foolishly, on top of freakishly. Then she got her letter to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her mother read it, then her Uncle. They both said no until Isa's begging became too much to bear. She only comes back for the summer, and now doesn't have a very strong relationship with her mother or her great uncle.

Physical Appearance: Isabelle has medium length, bleached blonde hair. Originally she had brown hair, but when she bleached it the summer of her fourth year. Isa has blue green eyes, and wears heavy eye makeup on a daily basis. She tries to wear as many accessories as she can without getting in trouble. When they don't have to dress up in their uniforms, she wears jeans, band tee shirts, any kind of a leather jacket if it's cold, and combat boots. She stands at about five feet, eight inches, and weighs around one hundred ten pounds. She could be described as a healthy looking girl.

Personality: Isa is a more introverted person when you first meet her. She's quiet and mostly keeps to her own business. Her best quality would be that she protects and helps others more than she does for herself, her worst quality would probably be that she's quite stubborn at times, and can't let things go very easily. Isabelle is one of those people that everyone comes to so they can say their problems, or ask for what they should do. She can be viewed as the girl who's always there if you need a shoulder to cry on. She tried her hardest to help people that she likes. However, Isabelle can be quite temperamental, and can hold rather long grudges. When people are mean to people in her house, or people that she cares about, she can grow to be rather rude. When she is mad though, she bottles it up and hides it. She doesn't like people to see her crying, or mad, or anything. Isabelle prefers to be thought of as the girl that's always got everything together, when in reality, she's falling apart at least once every week.

Wand: Ten inches, poplar wood, phoenix feather core.

Talents: Isa has one major talent and that's charms. It's one class that she loves, doesn't ever hate, and can pay attention in quite well, her second favourite being transfiguration class. Isa is secretly quite a good beater, and chaser in Quidditch, but she doesn't brag about it. Really, barely anybody knows that Ms. Porter is even good at flying. Finally, Isa is a writer, she documents her life, writes every single dream she has, and tried her hardest to make sure everything is good. She doesn't want to become an author, it's just a hobby that she just so happens to be good at.

Pets: Grey Owl

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PostSubject: Re: Mickey Mouse's Charries   Mickey Mouse's Charries EmptyThu Jul 12, 2012 12:05 pm

Great first character! Isa is accepted.

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Mickey Mouse's Charries
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