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 Zan's Characters Yep

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PostSubject: Zan's Characters Yep   Zan's Characters Yep EmptyWed Jun 20, 2012 12:36 am

Zan's Characters Yep Tumblr_m45k068wH01rse1s6o1_500

kacey april lawrence



    December 18, 1995.

    Year at Hogwarts: (must correspond with age)
    Fifth Year.

    Hogwarts House:

    Brief History:
    Kacey was born in Northern Ireland and raised there all her life by her wizarding parents. Her parents are pure-bloods and she, too, comes from a long line of pure bloods. However, Kacey's very subtle about this. She likes to keep it to herself that she's from this long line of purebloods. Kacey's always known about magic and she's been raised up in the wizarding ways. Kacey has four brothers who had all gone straight into Slytherin and she knew that she was going to do so, too. She was sure of it. As Kacey grew up towards the age of eleven, she'd often be upset at her brother's leaving everytime they had to start school. She'd run to catch up with the train, and being the youngest of five children, it was hard for her to be without her brothers. Afterall, they were a Slytherin family. They were close to each other.
    As soon as Kacey turned eleven, she made her begin preparing for her to go to Hogwarts'. Her mother would just laugh and tell her to keep dreaming. It was that summer that Kacey finally got her wish. As soon as Kacey got on the train to go to Hogwarts, she immediately met some Slytherin second years and a few new first year Slytherin hopefuls. Telling her backstory and her family bloodline, quietly but proudly, the Slytherin third year (only one the train cabin at the time) nodded with approvement and told her, "You're definitely going straight to Slytherin." And that's exactly what happened.
    The instant the sorting hat touched Kacey's head it sighed and chuckled saying, "Ah... another Lawrence." Kacey smiled proudly at her brothers sitting at Slytherin's table. The hat seemed to notice her thoughts and immediately shouted, "SLYTHERIN!" Kacey loped off from the stool and skipped happily over to the Slytherin table where she was greeted with handshakes and friendly, but slightly scary smiles. Ever since, she's been happy where she was.

    Physical Appearance: (4 sentences, be descriptive):
    Kacey's short. She stands at about five foot two inches and she's thin, too. She's always been fairly thin and frail. She's stronger than she looks though. She's always been told that she's undeveloped and petite and maybe even a little underweight. Kacey's never really payed attention to what she weighs or whatever. She's one of the very few girls in the nation that doesn't care about their weight. Given she is small. Kacey's arms are thin and long just like the rest of limbs. The way she's being described you'd think she looks like a little girl. And she does, she definitely looks younger than she actually is. But she's still beautiful.
    Kacey's face is soft and shaped like a heart. She's got a small, pointed, delicate chin that has a scar on the underneath side of it. From the empousai attack. Kacey's smile is fantastic and she's got these dimples on the sides of her mouth that are rarely seen. Kacey doesn't exactly socialize with people. On the higher side of her face, she's got a nose that's just a nose. It goes straight down. It's a bit small and she wishes it were bigger. Though, it's not a Voldy nose or anything. Underneath her nose are her lips, which she often wears chapstick on. She's a bit obsessed with her Eos chapstick and always has one in her bag.
    On both sides of her nose are her eyes. Kacey's got large, luminous green eyes. Her eyes are always bright and shining, with either tears or whatever. But usually they're shining. In the iris of her eyes, the green is the most dominant color, but there's flecks of brown and gold near her pupil. Kacey's pupil is often big, which is why so many people as her if she's high. Framing her eyes are very average, brown eyelashes. Kacey likes the look of mascara because she likes the pretty, feminine look it gives her, so she wears a bit of mascara and occasionally some eyeliner. Above her eyes, are tiny, thin, arched eyebrows. They didn't get this way naturally though, she has to wax and pluck a lot. But it's worth it.
    Kacey's hair is down to about her mid-back, being long and straight. She always keeps it styled somehow. Either half up and half-down or tied back into a bun thing on the top of her head. Sometimes, but only sometimes, she'll braid it. Rarely will she curl it. Her hair is extremely thick and she has long layers in her hair, and her hair is all the same color.
    When Kacey's not in her school uniform, she prefers to wear sweaters and jeans since Ireland's not all that warm when you're in an old castle all day at home. But in the summer in Ireland, Kacey prefers regular shirts and shorts like Muggles.

    Personality: (4 sentences, be descriptive):
    Kacey tries to keep to herself most of the time, avoiding the other students from other houses. The other houses seem to think that she's condescending when in reality, she's just shy. She doesn't like to talk to the other students in her classes, unless they're from Slytherin. Kacey really doesn't like the Hufflepuff students at all, for some reason. So, really, Kacey's condescending without meaning to be. When Kacey's around her fellow Slytherins, her true personality comes out.
    Kacey's true personality is loud, fun, and overall pretty hysterical. She's funny in a sarcastic, slightly dark way, though. When Kacey's with other people, she tends to shut down and do what she's told and that's it, but when she's around the ones that she loves, she's very vocal and open with them. Kacey's very big on personal loyalty and family.
    Kacey's very devoted to the things she does and she's very determined. In her second year, Kacey tried out for the Slytherin Quidditch team but didn't make it. But she found out that she was afraid of heights so that's the only thing she's ever given up on. However it's hard to get Kacey motivated sometimes. But with a little bit of rewarding, she'll do almost anything.
    Kacey's the type of girl to always accept authority and the law. She doesn't like to break rules unless she has to.

    Wand: (wood, core, length):
    Laurel with Dragon Core. Thirteen and three quarters inches, hard.

    Talents: (three sentences, be descriptive):
    Potions: As a Slytherin, Kacey's natural good with Potions. She's been excelling at it and winning the approval of Professor Snape since she was just a first year. In fact, in her first year, she was daring enough to raise her hand and answer a question correctly in that class. Even on her own time, Kacey reads Potions books.
    Charms: While Kacey believes that Charms is for softer wizards, she excels at it greatly. Professor Flitwick positively adores her, although she does not know it. She just has indifferent feelings for the Professor, though she loathes the subject and finds it horribly boring.
    Transfiguration: Another class that Kacey loves and adores is Transfiguration. Although she does very well in that class, she has a feeling that the professor doesn't like her at all.

    Kacey has a large, black tom cat whom she named Merlin after the great wizard.


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Zan's Characters Yep Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zan's Characters Yep   Zan's Characters Yep EmptyWed Jun 20, 2012 12:40 am

Kacey is accepted.


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Zan's Characters Yep
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